How to make frozen and shaken Strawberry Daiquiris
strawberry Daiquiris cocktail

It’s prink, thank you berry much.

Whoever said real men don’t drink pink drinks has never tasted a true Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail! Closely related to the Canchanchara, a 19th-century Cuban blend of rum, lime, honey and water, the Strawberry Daiquiri combines white rum and strawberries into a delicious adult slushy.

How do you like it – frozen or shaken? Try both if you don’t yet have a preference and let us know!

How to make a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

The frozen daiquiri is made with rum, lime, simple syrup, strawberries (fresh or frozen) and ice, all put together in a blender. Blend the mix on high speed and serve in a Collins glass with fresh garnish.

How to make a shaken Strawberry Daiquiri

The shaken strawberry daiquiri follows the same ingredients but with a slower step-by-step process to achieve the right texture and blend of flavours: Muddle the strawberries until most of their juice has been released, add the rest of your ingredients, shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Complete the refreshing blend with a fresh strawberry slice or two.