1 Principles Tomato Vodka is available in 3 sizes: 750ml, 500ml and 250ml.
The ultimate Bloody Mary, does it exist?

As a little girl, I remember us visiting this family friend, think fabulous with a capital F, and I can remember walking into her house and seeing these tall strange looking drinks standing on the marble countertops, at first I thought, who drinks soup in a glass? Fast forward a few years and I now know what these were, a delicious Bloody Mary and she, this capital letter F aunt, flaunted them like an extra fabulous accessory.

The ingredients for a Bloody Mary is simple and easy to come by, Vodka, Lemon Juice, Tomato Juice, Pepper, Salt, Tobasco (optional) and Worcester sauce, but the key to creating an exceptional drink is using high-quality ingredients and not just any that are available to you. Think, a top-quality one-of-a-kind tomato vodka processed with solar energy, tomatoes fresh from the farm next door and a proud Worcester sauce locally sourced and put together by 1st Principles, and there you have it, the “mother of all Bloody Marys”.

Let’s whisk up the perfect Bloody Mary together with the 1st Principles team; First, you are going to want to put on a great song, anything John Lennon, now you need to get comfortable because “things are about to get spicy”. Blend your 1st Principles Tomato Vodka, lemon juice, Miss Halls Tomato or Bliksemstraal Worcester sauce and fresh vine-ripened beef tomatoes, season to taste with salt and pepper as you sway to the beat of “Stand By Me”, add some ice and finally garnish it to perfection with a fabulous celery stick, do you now have the perfect Bloody Mary? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

A bottel of craft Miss J.L. Hall's Bliksemstraal habanero hot Worcester Sauce.

The Bloody Mary is meant to be enjoyed on a sunny day after a lovely lunch with friends or as a rescue drink after enjoying the previous night too much with those same bunch of friends, (yes you know what I mean, you’ve been drinking without your designated drinking buddy haven’t you?) Just like we encourage true brandy lovers we encourage true artisanal drink lovers as well, why should you settle for something less than great, drink organic, drink first-class – drink a 1st Principles Bloody Mary.