G&T, the perfect pick me up!


WRITTEN BY Natasha Kriel

Headshot of Natasha Kotze who writes the Column for the 1st Principles Post.

It is with a gloomy yet hopeful heart that I write today’s article for the column. Level 4 lockdown madness has resumed and we all feel the pressure.

It has been over 400 days of living with this new normal – a life of chaos and unpredictability – but we won’t allow this to get us down! Having a good sense of humour is important so if we can’t enjoy the outdoor events, we’ll create our own indoor social vibes and stay safe while having fun!

Nothing releases the pressure like a beautifully ornate cocktail glass filled with a refreshing G&T. A gin and tonic is the perfect pick me up to beat the winter blues and making one at home empowers you to learn a new skill that is bound to infuse new flavour into your dinner nights once we can get back to our “normal” social lives.

There are a few things in life to enjoy quite like a perfectly blended G&T, yet not many of us have taken the time to craft our skills in mixing the perfect cocktail. We’ve gotten used to adding key ingredients and accepting it as is, but there is a real way to enjoy this beverage if you master the basics. So, let’s get practising making the perfect gin cocktail.

Your very own homemade G&T

Making the perfect G&T cocktail at home is easy. The 1st Principles Team has put together an easy one-two-three gin cocktail recipe  that you can enjoy in the safety of your home.

  1. Start by adding one tot of your favourite tonic syrup to the glass.
  2. Next, add two tots of 1st Principles cocktail gin (or any other juniper upfront that you might have locked away in your cabinet for times like these).
  3. Fill the glass up with three tots of soda or Sodastream carbonated water.

Garnish this refreshing gin cocktail with a squeeze from a fresh lime wedge. Delicately drop it into the G&T mix. It’s simple but endlessly intriguing much like the Mona Lisa.

1st Principles Cocktail Gin is available in 3 sizes: 750ml, 500ml and 250ml.

Complete this delicious mix with a passionate stir (why would you want to do it any other way?) and top it off by adding ice to your liking. Now stand back, admire your new craft and Voilà! You’ve now got the means to create the perfect blues buster.

All you need to make a perfectly refreshing gin cocktail is the right, organic ingredients and a touch of love. Based in Vredendal, South Africa, who is perhaps best known for its beautiful display of wild flowers, 1st Principles Distillery uses fresh, locally grown as well as imported botanicals to distill only the best artisanal gin.

Beat the lockdown fatigue by making a refreshing Gin Cocktail at home. This DIY Gin Cocktail Kit comes with easy one-two-three instructions and all the G&T ingredients you need to get started. It is the perfect pick-me-up to enjoy in the safety of your home.