A bottle of 1st Principles Rooibos Gin.
Got your Rooibos quota yet?

The word is out – Rooibos is now a “superfood” and 1st Principles have got the means for you to stay on top of your monthly super fix!

For years we’ve seen health gurus try and make Khale appealing, but let’s face it, this superfood was difficult to deal with. Along comes the news of Rooibos now considered a must-have in your daily life and we have the means to make this one easy to deal with and accessible.

Two words, Rooibos Gin, so sit back and listen as I explain the health benefits of this “super drink”. We can all agree that taking at least one evening out of our busy schedules a week to relax and unwind is necessary for a healthy balance in life, why not do this with a 1st Principles Rooibos Gin and kickstart your Rooibos quota for the month.

Rooibos Gin from 1st Principles combines freshly brewed local Rooibos, claims a grain-spirit base and parades itself as a classic dominant dry style gin must-have. Why turn to traditional options when you can enjoy a refreshing option and make your doctor proud, a bottle a day right?

As I sit back and start sipping on my Rooibos fix I start to think, will Honeybush be the next superfood? Two words, Honeybush Gin!

The 1st Principles team encourages healthy drinking habits.

1st Principles Distilleries Logo on transparent background

1st Principles Distillery are the creators of some of the world’s finest hand-crafted spirits and are located in the picturesque and fertile Olifant’s River Valley in the town of Vredendal.

Owner and founder Joubert Roux is well-known for producing authentic products with a longstanding heritage, full of personality and founded on 1st Principles.