Crafters of



Manufacturing craft spirits from 1st Principles

Solar Driven Distillation

The desire to minimize our footprint married to the magnificent West Coast weather resulted in a unique Solar Heated Distillation Process.


Abundance of sunshine

Lots of heat

Excellent solar radiation

Daring and good advice

Innovative thinking

Desire for lowest possible footprint and push back against global warming

Combine these ingredients with engineering savvy and plenty of can do.

Results = 1st Solar Heat Driven, Energy Neutral Distillery in South Africa and possibly the world.

We apply this desire for low impact to all facets of our business:

  • Grow our own ingredients where possible
  • Source locally
  • Use local talent and craftsman

Copper Still

We found this old Cape Brandy still #1178 acting as a potting container. Local Master Craftsman, Errol Jeftha, managed to coax the lady back to life and gently transform her into a gin still.

She is one of a kind.

Keeping with the crafting traditions,

Joubert Roux – 1st Principles Distiller and Owner, produces ingredients onsite where possible or uses locally sourced botanicals.

All infusions and extractions are done onsite.