The different types of alcohol in a Long Island Iced Tea
long island iced tea cocktail

The ultimate party cocktail

Longing for a holiday? Let the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail swoosh you away to the Caribbean where sand and sea is the order of the day. Sip slowly and relax with this ice-cold treat but – be warned – you may want to get to the party sooner than you think!

What alcohol is in Long Island Iced Tea?

Known for its delicious, refreshing taste, this powerhouse cocktail has something for everyone: It combines 5 liquors, namely vodka, tequila, white rum, triple sec (orange-flavoured liqueur), gin, with a splash of cola.

Mix your desired quantity of each liquor type (equal parts of about 25 ml each is best) with about 30 ml of sparkling cola and garnish with a bright red cherry or fresh lemon wedge. Remember to add 25 ml of simple syrup to evenly spread sweetness throughout the beverage.

Tip: Since this boozy cocktail combines more than one spirit, it is best enjoyed in moderation.