Long Island Iced Tea: How many calories are in there?
Long Island ice tea

The long kiss goodnight

Few cocktails pack a punch quite like the Long Island Iced Tea. Containing a 22% higher alcohol concentration than most highball drinks and comprising five different spirits with only a tiny bit of mixer. While truly refreshing, the Long Island Iced Tea can also be the unfortunate reason for an early night back home or in the back of your car!

A Long Island Iced Tea cocktail can be served in different quantities ranging from a standard size which can be anything from 250 ml (8.3 Oz) to 360 ml (12 Oz). Larger servings can be up to 480 ml (16 Oz). On average a 250 ml Long Island Iced Tea can contain 20.5 grams of alcohol.

Alcohol rich drinks also tend to contain a higher calorie count, so how many calories are there in a Long Island Iced Tea? The answer depends on a few important factors.

How many calories in a Long Island Iced Tea?

The number of calories depends on two main factors namely the quantity of the drink, and the type of mixer. If you exchange coke with diet coke, for example, or you drop the sugar syrup entirely, you can greatly reduce the calorie count.

Certain modern craft spirits also offer a “lite” version which contains less alcohol and therefore less calories.

how many calories in a long island

A 250 ml (8.3 Oz) Long Island Iced Tea with no sugar syrup contains approximately 220 calories, that’s 1.14 calories per ml. If you replace the mixer with a diet version, the calorie count can be reduced to approximately 200 calories, or 0.8 calories per ml.

Forever hold your peace

A simple crunch of the numbers reveals that a large Long Island Iced Tea (480 ml / 16 Oz) with the full Monty of sugar syrup and a standard sugar-based mixer, can rack up as much as 830 calories!

If counting calories is your game, then it’s best to cut out the sugars and to watch the size of your pour, otherwise hold your ground, speak now and forever hold your peace!