How to make a jug of Cosmopolitan that tastes great
Cosmopolitan jug with cherries

Shake up a Cosmo

Introduced in the late 19th Century, this cocktail’s name originated from one lucky taster exclaiming “how cosmopolitan” the drink was after tasting its delicious mix. The word Cosmopolitan is described as something with or from wide sophistication, and we cannot think of a better way to define this classic cocktail: Its red, pink hues and sour yet sweet taste set the tone for many glamorous evenings.

Read on for the what, why, and how of making a Cosmopolitan jug that tastes great 🙂

  • What do we want to make? A great tasting jug of an old-time classic, the Cosmopolitan.
  • Why do we want to make it? It is the perfect cocktail to enjoy all dressed up.
  • How will we make it? By following this easy guide to perfection.

How to make a jug of Cosmopolitan cocktail

If you’re wondering how to make the perfect jug of Cosmopolitan for your next shimmy around the town, follow these simple steps:

Get together your key ingredients, namely vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice. Add them to a shaker, mix the blend and garnish with an orange peel or bright red cherry.

If you’re looking to add a bit of necessary “fantaisie” to your cocktail mix, cover the rim of your crystal jug with sugar.

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