Why do they call it a Moscow Mule?

The Moscow Mule is an alcoholic cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. It is believed that the drink originated in 1941 at the Cock ‘n’ Bull restaurant in Los Angeles. The owner of the restaurant, John G. Martin, teamed up with Jack Morgan, who owned a vodka distillery and the Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer, to create the drink. The two men wanted to introduce vodka to the American market, and the combination of flavours was an instant hit. The name “Moscow Mule” is thought to be derived from the use of vodka, a spirit associated with Russia and the Cold War, and the kick of the ginger beer.

A Moscow Mule is traditionally served in a copper mug because the copper keeps the drink cold, as well as adding a unique flavour to the drink. The copper mug also adds to the presentation of the drink, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

What is in a Moscow mule cocktail?

A Moscow Mule is a refreshing and easy to make cocktail that combines vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The vodka provides a smooth and clean base for the cocktail, while the ginger beer adds a spicy, zesty, and sweet flavour. The lime juice provides a tart and tangy flavour, and helps to balance out the other flavours. The typical drinker for this cocktail is someone who enjoys a refreshing, yet flavourful drink. It’s also relatively easy to make, making it a great option for a party or get-together.

Follow this recipe to make your own Moscow mule cocktail.

Moscow Mule recipe