Moscow mule
What is the difference between a dark and stormy and a Moscow Mule?

The dark and stormy cocktail is traditionally made from dark rum and ginger beer, garnished with a slice of fresh lemon. Its famous competitor the moscow mule cocktail uses vodka instead of rum, often a spicier ginger beer and lime juice. Both these cocktails are best served in a tall high ball glass with lots of ice. The dark and stormy cocktail has a very indecisive history, with no one claiming it as their great invention. Opposite to its friend the moscow mule, which was said to have been invented in the mid 19th century in New York.

Ginger beer is the one key ingredient that both these cocktails have in common. Although it does not have the best reputation, ginger bear creates a well-balanced taste. If you’re wondering how to make a moscow mule cocktail, we suggest you read on.

How do you make a Moscow mule cocktail?

To blend the perfect moscow mule cocktail you’ll need 1st Principle’s organic vodka, freshly made ginger beer and lime juice, keep a rind of the lime to add as garnish.

Experts would say that the moscow mule is best served in a copper glass with lots of ice, however, if you can’t find this specific glass a tumbler will work as well. Add two tots of your vodka, 5ml lime juice and approximately 150ml of ginger beer to your blender and pour over crushed ice for the complete look.

It does not matter whether you’d prefer a dark and stormy for a sweeter aftertaste or the moscow mule for a more spicy cocktail, in the end, these two competitors are bound to serve you and your guests well.

Moscow Mule with lemon