This is what a Long Island Iced Tea should taste like
long island ice tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is the ultimate party cocktail, containing five different white spirits with very little mixer. While there are many variations, the original mix has a distinct taste.

What does Long Island Iced Tea taste like?

The Long Island Iced Tea is a boozy beverage that mixes vodka, tequila, gin and light rum with triple sec orange liqueur and lemon juice. Together, this gives the drink its signature iced-tea colour. But what does it taste like?

Some may say that it is reminiscent of tea but since this cocktail contains mostly liquor, you can clearly taste the alcohol. To balance the white liquors, lemon juice is added for a slight tang, triple sec for sweetness and cola for a splash of bitterness.

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Follow this easy cocktail recipe to make your own Long Island Iced Tea at home.