How to make cocktails that are always a success
Vector illustration of a women wearing pearls, a sunhat and shades with a Martini Cocktail in hand.

The success behind making your own cocktails at home boils down to a few things. With the help of our in-house cocktail aficionados we have listed the four must-haves, namely using fresh ingredients, quality liquors, knowing how to balance your mixes, and doing a taste test before serving your drink. Follow our guide and you will be well on your way to mixing a winning cocktail for your dinner party guests.

How to make cocktails that taste good

Use fresh ingredients

It is important to use fresh ingredients. Opt for locally sourced, organically produced options where you can.

Use quality liquors

Adding quality liquor to your cocktail will make all the difference in the taste profile. It is for that reason that 1st Principles Distillery specialises in craft spirit mixes.

Know your mix

Not everything blends well together. Make sure that you pair your chosen liquor with the right mix for a balanced cocktail. Start knowing your mixes by blending classic cocktails at home.

Taste what you’ve made first

Before serving your guests, be sure to taste your cocktail first. If you struggle to keep it down, so will they!

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