How do you drink a Martini with Prosecco?
pornstar cocktail

Know by many as the royal martini, or simply the pornstar martini, this delicious sparkling cocktail with its fruity notes doesn’t disappoint. In the early 2000s prosecco started to appear on the craft cocktail stage. Although it has been around since the 1960s, it wasn’t until the winemaking industry got its upgrade that this fizzy drink really got the attention of amateurs and devotees alike.

Made with vodka, passion fruit juice and lime juice, this martini is traditionally served with a side of prosecco. If you find yourself wondering what prosecco might be, we’ve got you covered! Prosecco, in a way, is basically like champagne, usually produced from white wine. Put the one with the other, and voila, you’ve got yourself a classic pornstar martini.

What is the best way to drink the pornstar martini? The martini cocktail served this way is the ultimate celebration drink. Ultimately, thanks to its delicious sweet taste, vodka kick and side of fizzing prosecco, it was bound to become the drink of celebration, to be enjoyed on special occasions surrounded by friends and family.


How to drink a pornstar martini

Put together with some of the key ingredients to any delicious craft cocktail, the pornstar martini is no different from its prominent cocktail competitors. The best way to serve the pornstar martini is to blend it well in a coupe glass with an ice-cold bubbling side of crisp prosecco.

Like all things royal and feisty, the pornstar martini should not be undermined. Sip this cocktail with great care and admiration. You deserve it, we deserve, and the royal member of the famous martini cocktail deserves it as well.

Pornstar Martini recipe

Make your own Pornstar Martini cocktail to enjoy at home.